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Shirt WZÓR8 Shirt WZÓR8

Shirt WZÓR8

Klasyczna, biała i nieprześwitująca koszula. Z uwagi na uniwersalny kolor i krój powinna znaleźć się...
Shirt WZÓR7 Shirt WZÓR7

Shirt WZÓR7

Klasyczna koszula, która produkowana jest z materiału w biało-granatowe paski. Jej wygląd wzbogacony...
Shirt WZÓR6 Shirt WZÓR6

Shirt WZÓR6

Koszula męska to bardzo uniwersalny element ubioru, który sprawdzi się w różnych okazjach tych bardz...
Shirt WZÓR6 Shirt WZÓR6

Shirt WZÓR6

Każdemu mężczyźnie przyda się elegancka koszula na różne okoliczności. Jest to niemal obowiązkowy el...
Shirt WZÓR6 Shirt WZÓR6

Shirt WZÓR6

Koszula to element ubioru, który możne nadać dużej elegancji każdemu mężczyźnie. Odpowiednio dobrana...
Shirt WZÓR5 Shirt WZÓR5

Shirt WZÓR5

Koszula KS 1451-4 to doskonała koszula na co dzień, która sprawdzi się jako element stroju do pracy,...
Shirt WZÓR4 Shirt WZÓR4

Shirt WZÓR4

KS 1451-5 należy do znakomitej serii koszul męskich. Ten model dostępny jest w kolorze czerwonym, a ...
Shirt WZÓR3 Shirt WZÓR3

Shirt WZÓR3

Koszula idealna na różne okazje. Sprawdzi się zarówno jako koszula do garnituru, czy marynarki na po...
Shirt WZÓR3 Shirt WZÓR3

Shirt WZÓR3

Koszula męska należy do tych elementów ubioru, które są dobre niemal na każdą okazję. Szczególnie je...
Shirt WZÓR2 Shirt WZÓR2

Shirt WZÓR2

Koszula męska KS 1466-2 to idealny produkt dla każdego mężczyzny, który ceni sobie klasyczny wygląd,...
Shirt WZÓR1 Shirt WZÓR1

Shirt WZÓR1

Doskonała koszula, która świetnie zastąpić może klasyczne, białe produkty. Prezentowany model to pro...
Shirt KS 1467-2 Shirt KS 1467-2

Shirt KS 1467-2

Koszula męska KS 1467-2 to bardzo dobrej jakości produkt, który zadowoli każdego, nawet najbardziej ...
Shirt KS 1422-1 Shirt KS 1422-1

Shirt KS 1422-1

Ponadczasowy model koszuli połączony został z drobnymi, ciekawymi wstawkami, dzięki czemu całość pre...

Dress for work with shirt manufacturers

Most men who need to abide dress code at work chose shirts. It is a basic formal wear that make the whole outfit look more official – collared shirts make the overall effect very business-like even if matched with jeans instead of creased pants and with cardigan in the place of a jacket. The shirt is an item closest to the skin – this is why the fabric must be natural and allow skin to breath. Cotton is most popular solution, as the fabric is easy to craft from and dye in different colors. But a combination of cotton and polyester may be found as most profitable option. Polyester prevents the textile from creasing – this is important for a man, who wears a shirt whole day. According to combination of polyester and cotton, the garment looks fresh for many hours. This kind of fabric is also much easier to iron so no man should find it problematic. Possibility to clean it in a regular washing machine saves both money and time and make wearing a shirt much more comfortable. Long sleeved shirts of thick fabric and those with shorts sleeves made of thinner textile make it possible to wear a shirt all year round in every weather. Irreplaceable piece of clothing every elegant man should own.

Slim fit – the best what shirt manufacturers have on offer

This year and couple of next year slim fit of shirt is the most popular cut. It fits not only men of slim build but also these more bulky. When there is too much fabric, the whole shirt looks baggy and loose. It does not help to hide any body imperfections – just the opposite. Loose material amplify and may make even a well build man look like having a baby. Slim cut should fit your torso closely. It means that when you button it up, there is no loose fabric. On the other hand, the shirt just can be too tight, cause it will neither look good nor be comfortable. When you pull one of the buttons, the shirt should stretch for about 3 – 4 inches. That means it fits properly. Fabric consisting of 100% cotton is most natural, but a combination of cotton and polyester make the garment more durable and easy to iron. The shirt looks the same but it is possible to wash it in the washing machine and to dry it with no problems. Slim fit make every man look better build and more masculine. Those are the colors and little inserts that can hide any potential imperfections. Bulky man should look for vertical striped shirts or for shirts with button lane in different color. Those more skinny should focus on horizontal stripes and epaulets as well as on big prints.

A collar – how shirt men's manufacturers differ shirts for occasions

When you enter a store with shirts, the shop assistance probably won`t ask you about your preferable collar but about the occasion you look the shirt for. The collar is not the first thing a man usually notices but often this is the part that makes the difference between formal and casual. There are few most popular collars to start with a button-down collar. It stands out with two pointed pieces of collar that are buttoned to the shirt. Nevertheless, the collar tends to bulge during the day. Tab collar is very similar but it lacks of additional buttons. It is said to be most traditional so it is suitable for the most official occasions like weddings and funerals. Definitely, the most common and suitable for everyday wear is a straight collar. There are many variations about it, mostly with the point length. A spread collar is – well – spread: the points are much wilder. It does not fit men of round face. British spread collar is very similar and it is often hard to distinct one from another. The difference is that the points are horizontal spread. Different shirt manufacturers specialize in different collars and they look a bit different in every collection. This is best to try on different collars with different tie knots before purchasing.