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Shirt KD 3 Shirt KD 3

Shirt KD 3

Koszula damska KD-3 to idealne rozwiązanie dla odważnych i pewnych siebie kobiet, chcących wyróżnić ...
Shirt KD 2 Shirt KD 2

Shirt KD 2

Koszula KD-2 to produkt odpowiedni dla każdej, nawet najbardziej wymagającej kobiety. Wprawdzie na p...
Shirt KD 073 Shirt KD 073

Shirt KD 073


How to choose your favorite shirt manufacturer?

It is easy to buy from world know manufacturers. Everyone does it, so you may simply just copy their choices. Sounds easy, doesn`t it? Of course. But if you don`t fell like buying the same clothes as everyone else, it is important to buy from different providers. Definitely, this is the way to buy unique women`s shirts. Well, that may not be as easy as it sounds, as there are many shirt manufacturers but not all of them provide good quality and trendy products. While purchasing an elegant shirt there are few things you should think about. The first one is model – and it must be up to date. Good garment make you look and feel great whatever are the circumstances. This is why the fabric is so important. Its good quality is crucial: this is what make a piece of clothing look elegant. Adding a bit of polyester to the shirt makes it easier to iron and to maintain in impeccable cleanliness. It is a good choice when you wear a shirt a whole day as it does not crease easily and looks fresh longer. Universal cut and color make the garment very universal – it means it will look great at time of a day, e.g. during a business lunch or on the night out. Plain shirts can be worn with various pieces of clothing, both more elegant and casual.

A universal women`s shirt

Shirts are basic formal women`s wear. They make every outfit look more elegant, regardless if they are matched with jeans or with dress creased pants. According to the fabric they are made of and to the length of the sleeves, they can be worn all year round. Nowadays there are many different models to choose from. This is a good news – you do not need to buy dozens of white shirts for everyday wear. Now, even for the most important event, there is no reason to put a simple and plain white shirt. And there are even more options for everyday formal wear. If you still prefer white color, why not choose a striped model or one with colorful trimming, e.g. on the button lane or on the pocket. That will make a simple piece of cloth look much more interesting. Now two or three color garment is the most fashionable and often there are two kinds of fabric used to manufacture a single piece. For example, the inner side of a collar can be made of quilted textile while the rest remains plain. Usually there are few insert like this on one item, so It can look harmonized. Two or three colored shirt are still very formal but look more lively than one-colored ones. This is why they are so willingly purchased by clients all over the world.

Shirt manufacturer advices to match garment

The shirt is usually the most eye-catching part of women`s clothing. That is why it is so crucial to find one that really fits us. It means that its color, cut and size must be matched to our physique – this will hide any potential disadvantages of our body and outline to best features. One of the most important parts of the shirt is collar, as it is the piece closest to the face. V-neck usually looks most flattering, especially when shirt is worn without a tie. If there isn`t one, you may unbutton the first button to create a better look. While matching a shirt, it is important to remember: you need to be able to slide 2 fingers into your collar when it is closed – this mean the size is correct. While matching a size, look also on the sleeves. They should end about one inch beyond the wrist. Sleeves should not be to tight and either not to baggy. When you put on the shirt, do few normal ranged motions – if the shirt act naturally, it fits you. The shirt shouldn`t be also to tight on the torso: pull the fabric away: if it moves for about 3 – 4 inches, the size is correct. If you wear it untucked, the shirt should be long enough not to show your skin or underwear during motion. While tucked, it shouldn`t untuck itself when you bend.